Lisbeth Diers / Percussionist & Composer


Corps meets soloists:


Josefine Cronholm - vocal

Lisbeth Diers - drums/percussion

Eivind Aarset guitar/electronic


May the 26. 2018 Festspil Bergen(NO)

Conductor & composer Staffan Mossenmark.

In cooperation with Buekorpsenes day.


In this bike race, it's more about making sound than to be the first.


May the 27. 2018 Festspil Bergen(NO)


Staffan Mossenmark koncept, idé | Fredric Bergström sound design | Bergen Bike Club | Harley Davidson Bergen | Hildemors dancing school | Christoffer Schjeldrup speaker | Emilio Sanhueza musician | Pål Vindenes musician | Lisbeth Diers musican


Montenegro(MNE) June 8. 2018 Jazz Festival

Copenhagen Jazz Festival(DK) July 13. 2018 more info

Marilyn Mazur - comp/percussion

Lotte Anker - sax

Josefine Cronholm - vocal og percussion

Sissel Vera Pettersen - sax og voal

Hildegunn Øiseth - trumpet

Lis Wessberg - trombone

Makiko Hirabayashi - piano, keys

Ellen Andrea Wang - double bass

Anna Lund - drums

Lisbeth Diers - percussion



Jael Nordbek Azoulay - voc

Dalia Faitelson - gui, voc

Lisbeth Diers - percussion

Concert arr. by Missing Voices March 2018





For string orchestra and jazzquartet

composed by Cennet Jönsson


Nordischer Klang Festival Greifswald

Germany, May 5, 2017

Cennet Jönsson - soprano sax

Lisbeth Diers - drums, percussion

Johannes Lundberg - dobble bass

Jacob Karlzon - piano



Philharmonisches Orchester Greifswald

Conductor Golo Berg

The Scanian Suite was recorded in 2000 with this Quartet and conductor Mats Rondin with Isidor Chamber Orchestra

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