Lisbeth Diers / Percussionist & Composer

Melodic Melange

Spring concerts in Sweden 2018.


April 20. at 19:00 Malmö Palladium(w. Guest Artist Nabil Kassis - quanoun)

and April 21. at 20:30 Kulturhelg in Sigtuna.

Photos from Jazz in Malmö Victoria Theatre taken by Sascha Kajic


Anders Hagberg - flutes, sopransax

Johannes Lundberg – dobble bass

Lisbeth Diers – percussion

Ahmad al Khatib – oud


Montenegro(MNE) June 8. 2018 Jazz Festival

Copenhagen Jazz Festival(DK) July 13. 2018 more info

Marilyn Mazur - comp/percussion

Lotte Anker - sax

Josefine Cronholm - vocal og percussion

Sissel Vera Pettersen - sax og voal

Hildegunn Øiseth - trumpet

Lis Wessberg - trombone

Makiko Hirabayashi - piano, keys

Ellen Andrea Wang - double bass

Anna Lund - drums

Lisbeth Diers - percussion

Trio Azulejos


Jael Nordbek Azoulay - voc

Dalia Faitelson - gui, voc

Lisbeth Diers - percussion

Concert arr. by Missing Voices March 2018




Scanian Suite

For string orchestra and jazzquartet

composed by Cennet Jönsson


Nordischer Klang Festival Greifswald

Germany, May 5, 2017

Cennet Jönsson - soprano sax

Lisbeth Diers - drums, percussion

Johannes Lundberg - dobble bass

Jacob Karlzon - piano



Philharmonisches Orchester Greifswald

Conductor Golo Berg

The Scanian Suite was recorded in 2000 with this Quartet and conductor Mats Rondin with Isidor Chamber Orchestra

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